Hardwood Floor Applications

We created a first in the world by creating two Biological Swimming Ponds of 25,000 m2 and 5,000 m2 of where 4,000 people can swim at the same time, where windsurfing can take place for Garanti KozaPark project, The ponds preserve the visitors’ health with their drinkable quality waters by providing a swimming experience in a natural lake with its three sandy beach and wet sand areas inside the pond.

The area around the pond provides relaxation and sunbathing in deck areas, and it caters to all ages and tastes with its hiking trails and children’s playgrounds.

We have ensured that the project remains the same natural beauty during all the seasons with the magnolia trees and shrub areas we have placed around the biological ponds.

We carried out a landscaping work where each point is examined with details such as the use of wrapping jasmines among slope stones.


Garanti Koza


June 2018

Works carried out:

30.000 m2 Biological Swimming Pond, 85.000 m2 Soft Landscaping, 25.000 m2 Hard Landscaping