From dreams to first time actions with Cem Botanik

Cem Botanic was founded in 1974 with a dream of grandpa Muzaffer Şirin with his love for plants and nature. Cem Botanic Inc., which was founded with a humble desire having completed numerous projects home and abroad celebrated its 47th anniversary today and it is a landscape and botanical firm that managed the first in Turkey and the World while providing jobs for hundreds of people.

We owe this vision of our founder Muzaffer Şirin the sustainability of this success having lasted 3 generations and 47 years. “Preserving and maintaining the ecological balance and creating a landscape consciousness that strengthens the nature-human relationship.”

We aim to surpass ourselves by testing our 47 years of know-how we gained and certified processes with projects that seem impossible, and continue to undertake ambitious projects such as the world’s first and only Biological Swimming Pool.


ISO 9001 2008 Quality Certificate

ISO 14001 2004 Environment Management Certificate

ISO 18001 2007 Labor Healthy and Labor Security certificate

ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Certificate

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