Transformation from Chemical to Biologic

Biologic Ponds can be built from scratch or existing chemical ponds can be converted into biological ponds.

Biologic Ponds, unlike the system in chemical ponds, are self-cleaning thanks to plants and beneficial bacteria in their ecosystems.

When chemical ponds are converted into biological ponds, the algae concentration in water is reduced by micro-organisms, taking the balance in nature as an example and phosphorus is kept in balance in water.

The chemical ponds, which are not suitable for life due to the chemicals used, become a living ecosystem when they are converted to Biologic Pond and they are also suitable for living organisms such as fish and frogs.

The conversion of an existing chemical pond into a biological pond is an environmentally friendly investment, as it ensures efficient use of resources and no longer uses chemicals in the project.

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Living Ecosystem

Bio Filter

Natural pH balance

Drinking Water Quality

Zero Chemicals

Zero Moss Formation

Low Maintenance Cost

Significant Savings