Stone Pavement applications

From walking paths to playgrounds and recreation areas, hard floors enrich the green spaces with many different applications.

Hard floors cover structural applications such as retaining walls, decorative applications made with stones, or functional applications such as recreation areas. The most commonly used stones on hard floors with many different material types and applications can be listed as follows:

  • Basalt Stone: Gray and black tones formed by volcanic formations.
  • Slate Stone: These stones are metamorphosed in time and contain volcanic dust and sand.
  • Granite: Light colored and crystal structure, it also contains stones in the structure.
  • Stream Pebbles: Decorative stones can be used without any process.
  • Podima Stone: For decorative purposes, generally white and black color stones are preferred.
  • Creek Rock: Stones used in pond and rock garden projects.
  • Andesite: Stones that are used in pavement and curb areas formed by volcanic movements.

Walking paths

Pedestrian ways

Vehicle roads

Bicycle roads

Playground Floors


Resting Areas