Landscaping Project and Application

We have been creating spaces that are worth living on for since 1974 to this day with turnkey landscape projects covering all stages from estimation to project drawing, planning and implementation.

The Landscaping Project and Application service requires a lot of different specialization and requires detailed process management and serious coordination. The process, which starts with exploration, brief and then project drawing, is concluded with the application of different services such as drainage infrastructure and horizontal and vertical planting, biological pond applications, hard landscaping applications based on the details of the project.

The success of a landscape project depends on the accurate analysis of customer requirements/needs during the exploration and brief stage, the right project drawing based on these needs and the conditions of the area and the perfect implementation of this project.

Landscaping Application Process

  • Landscape architects carry out expeditions on the field.
  • Customer requests are heard and our architects present their own suggestions.
  • The area is mapped by our mapping technicians.
  • Our architects design maps by virtue of the help of Autocad, 3DSMax and Photoshop.
  • Our interior designer creates and presents 3-dimensional visuality of the project.
  • The application is performed in accordance with the approved visuals.
  • The project is completed and delivered accompanied by our architects.

General layout

General layout project sheet

Drainage project die

Lighting project board

Irrigation project and die

Planting project sheet

Autocad drawing with all of the tops

3D drawings of the project

Before and after photos