Lightening System

The way to not limit the enjoyment of the garden to daylight is to install a lighting system that is compatible with the landscape.

A good lighting system not only extends the durations in which your green spaces can be used, but also allows you to experience two different ambiances in the same place day and night.

In the installation of Lightening installation, it is a success to present a design that will not disturb the general landscape and the infrastructure where maintenance and changes can be made easily.

Since green spaces are living places, it is very important to establish a lighting infrastructure that will not complicate changes in plants or living spaces over time.

Another important issue when planning lightening systems is to consider the needs of plants that do not receive enough sunlight.

By establishing a grow light system for these plants, maintaining the healthy growth of the plants is important for a sustainable landscape. In the best lighting projects, poles, luminaires, spotlights, cables and so on. In other words, the best lighting system is the lighting system you don’t notice when the lights are off.


Plan suitable for landscaping

Planned facility

Ease of maintenance/care

Easy renewal

Automation options