Green roofs look good visually and they are good for our health.

The green roofs, which are optionally planted using low or thick lightened soil, create an effect that reduces the image pollution as well as reducing the high air temperature due to construction in city centers. There are also two types of green roofs that play an active role in removing dust and pollution from the air.

Extensive Green Roof

It is a type of roof with thin soil and less dense vegetation. Extensive green roofs are the most widely used application in green roofs. An extensible roof typically consists of a shallow layer of soil from 50 mm to 200 mm deep and water resistant, resistant plants.

İntensive Green Roof

It is a type roof for which thick soil is used and it has dense plants. Intensive green roofs typically comprise of a layer of soil with a depth of 200 mm to 1500 mm. Thanks to this soil layer, more options are available for planting. The roof is very similar to the appearance of a traditional garden area and it can be landscaped with trees, lawns, flowers and vehicle / walkways.

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Prevents floods

Provides low maintenance costs

Prevents pollution in environment

Mitigates the high temperatures of urbanization.