Biological Swimming Pond

When you swim in front of your house you will feel like you are on a natural beach. it’s amazing, but it’s now possible to swim in water that’s high enough to drink!

We looked to nature for inspiration and created the biological swimming pond. The biological swimming pond has a self-cleaning ecosystem and needs no additional chemicals.

Bio filter and Phostec-Ultra filter systems provide the best swimming experience for human health.

thanks to the ecosystem that self-balances the pH value, you can swim in a drinking water quality water with peace of mind, with your family.

The Biotop biological swimming pool, which offers a healthy and eco-friendly swimming experience thanks to the robotic system that prevents algae formation and is used daily with zero chlorine properties, provides economy and savings advantage thanks to virtually minimal maintenance costs and low operating costs.

cem botanik - hizmetler - Biyolojik yüzme göleti

Living Ecosystem

Bio Filter

Natural pH balance

Drinking Water Quality

Zero Chemicals

Zero Moss Formation

Low Maintenance Cost

Significant Savings