Biological Ornamental Pond

The serene effect of water comes back to your life without chemicals thanks to Biologic Ponds.

Biologic Ponds clean themselves without the need for any chemicals thanks to the plants and beneficial bacteria in its ecosystems. Algae concentration in the water is reduced by micro-organisms, the phosphorus is kept in equilibrium while creating biological ponds which take the balance in nature. Biologic Ponds are living ecosystems because they are biological, and it is also suitable for living organisms such as fish and frogs.

Once the ecosystem is formed in Biologic Ponds, landscaping is accomplished using both natural and architectural elements such as piers, decks, stones, pebbles, rocks, plants, reeds, fountains and statues that are compatible with the water around, and the project is completed.


Living Ecosystem

Bio Filter

Natural pH balance

Drinking Water Quality

Zero Chemicals

Zero Moss Formation

Low Maintenance Cost

Significant Savings