Membrane Application

The best solution for water insulation in the Projects is membrane application.

The membrane which we we use in our projects is a high performance rubber geomembrane developed by Carlisle company which we are solution partners developed with Carlisle PondGuard rubber technology.

The membrane, which is a material that ensures that our environment is always our first priority, offers high and long-lasting insulation and is advantageous in that it is easy to apply. The most important reasons for being easy to apply are light materials, can be applied seamlessly up to 15,25 m width and 61 m length and it do not lose its flexibility even at approximately -45 degrees.

Carlisle PondGard is designed exclusively to be safe for the lives of fish and aquatic plants as well as being virtually maintenance-free after being applied and it is a geomembrane which is robust/durable for life. In an extraordinary case, it can be easily repaired on site.


High Insulation

Wide Complete Panels

Friendly with Nature

High Flexibility