Dülükbaba Tabiat Parkı

We have brought the people of Gaziantep together with the freshness of the water thanks to the biological pond, waterfalls and tropical plant applications we have generated in Dülükbaba Natural Park in Gaziantep, which has a rather arid climate.

Dülükbaba, which was previously remote and idle, has become a precious place where the people of Gaziantep can stay together with the family and comfort in nature in four seasons with our activities such as new living areas, sports fields and a viewing terrace.


Gaziantep Şehitkamil Municipality


 August 2010

Works carried out:

Yapılan Çalışmalar: 300.000 m2 Soft Landscaping, 13.400 m2 Hard Landscaping, 16.000 m2 Biological Pond